Recipie Alert! Crispy Tofu Nuggies

I'm not going to go too deep down memory lane or give you a whole bunch of shit to read before getting to the good stuff. I will say that this tofu is a whole ass gate opener. Forget anything you ever heard or thought abut tofu and Let's get into this recipe. 

You'll need: Momma Jah's Adobo, 1 brick of firm or extra firm tofu, cornstarch, a skillet and oil for frying, and a bowl for mixing.

1. remove tofu from package. Drain the water and gently squeeze the brick of excess liquid.

2. Cut or rip  tofu into bite size pieces, and place in your mixing bowl.

3. Season your tofu chunks with 2 teaspoons of Momma Jah's Adobo and toss. 

      3a. right around here you should start to heat your skillet with 2-3 inches of oil over medium high heat 

4. Pour 1/2 cup of cornstarch on your seasoned tofu chunk and gentling toss until all pieces are coated. 

5. Once oil is hot slowly add tofu chunks to the oil. Careful to not over crowd.

6. Fry for approximately 6 mins and flip, frying for an additional 5 mins or until golden brown. 

7. Remove from the oil onto a paper towel or strainer. 

8. Finish with a Sprinkle of Momma Jah's Adobo as soon as the tofu is safly out of the oil. 






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